Introduction of PerFee

PerFee is an e-commerce platform that grew up in South Asia. Although it has been established for a short time, it has become one of the largest e-commerce platforms in South Asia. Compared with platforms such as Amazon, PerFee has won a higher proportion of praise for its faster timeliness, better quality products and higher cost performance.

At present, the development speed of PerFee has surpassed many similar websites. The localized operation of Bangladesh has been achieved, and the follow-up will rapidly expand to the entire South Asian market. Now PerFee has become a shopping channel trusted and loved by South Asian consumers. An influential life and work service platform among the people.

Broad Market

South Asia is one of the few blue oceans in cross-border e-commerce. Due to China's industrial upgrading, a large number of industries have shifted to South Asia, which has led to rapid economic growth in South Asia, thus forming a huge consumer market in short supply. There are at least 700 million and growing customer groups.

Beginning in 2013, mobile Internet has entered a period of rapid growth in South Asia. The blowout growth of users has given South Asia a very fertile ground for e-commerce. It is estimated that by 2025, the e-commerce market in South Asia (except India) will reach 50 billion U.S. dollars.

Advantages of Selling on PerFee

  • Reach Millions of customers Comparing with real store, PerFee is now known to millions of Bangla customers. Putting your product on PerFee will gain thousands of visitors to your online store.

  • Free to open a store Unlike paying rent for real store, opening a store on PerFee is absolutely free. At any time you can open a store personally or with company and start selling as quickly as you can by uploading your products in your store in one minute.

  • 40% of PerFee Sellers make more than 40,000 TK a month With orders come from thousands of customers, nearly half of PerFee sellers achieve the goal with much less cost upon in real. Join us and increase your sales substantially.

A Better Service

  • Most convenience for you

    Not familiar with opening online store? Don’t worry about it. PerFee offer you totally free training on everything ranging from the very basics of ecommerce to Operations, Marketing, Finance and Sales.
  • 1-1 Seller Service

    Our large team of seller support specialists are always on hand to offer assistance and advice on any of your inquiries including customer delivery, money collection, customer service, after sales and so on.

Open store process

  • Registration and certification

  • ....
  • Platform review

  • ....
  • Create a store

  • ....
  • Upload products